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On August 18th, the leaders of the Zhengzhou Home Decoration Design Association delegation led by Elizabeth Mingzhou dealer Zhang Mingkai, walked into the International Pavilion of the Elizabeth Headquarters to conduct friendly exchanges, and were sold by the company's chairman Liu Shenghong and brand. General Manager Liu Qingqing, Marketing Manager Guo Caihong and other leaders warmly received and accompanied the whole process!




Elizabeth Tiles was founded in 2002 and has two production sites. The products are unique in all kinds of marble tile series, porcelain base mold art brick series, modern antique brick series, modern wood grain brick series and so on. With 56 ° ultra-white blank technology, porcelain base blank, high strength and other advantages. The products are widely used, regardless of "indoor or outdoor, home improvement or tooling, on the wall or on the ground", can meet the "wall integration" solution.



Accompanied by leaders such as Liu Dong and Liu Zong, Zhang Zong and other leaders visited the exhibition hall of the corporate headquarters, learned about the development history and brand situation of Elizabeth, and had a strong interest in Elizabeth products, especially It is the industry's first three-dimensional mold brick with 300x800mm gold ratio specification, 56° ultra-white technology, and the ultra-thin continuous slabs that stop. It has been affirmed and appreciated by the delegation.


参观完毕,考察团在在线香蕉精品视频白总部国际馆三楼会议室举行座谈会。座谈会上,企业董事长刘胜红发言讲解了目前陶瓷行业的行情,而随着国内市场与国际市场的接轨,2015年在线香蕉精品视频白转战国内市场广布网点,迅速崛起,在行业销量下滑大环境中逆势增长,销售额连续三年持续以60%增长率提升,得到国内外消费者高度认可。同时,品牌销售总经理刘青青、企业市场部经理郭彩宏、商会会长张帆、商会郑雁冰、在线香蕉精品视频白郑州经销商张明凯也分别上台发言 ,从多维度讲解了在线香蕉精品视频白品牌文化和产品,让考察团对品牌有了更深入、更系统的了解。

After the visit, the delegation held a symposium in the conference room on the third floor of the International Pavilion at the headquarters of Elizabeth. At the symposium, Liu Shenghong, the chairman of the company, spoke on the current situation of the ceramic industry. With the integration of the domestic market and the international market, in 2015, Elizabeth turned to the domestic market and expanded rapidly, in the industry's sales decline environment. In the middle of the trend, sales continued to increase by 60% for three consecutive years, and it was highly recognized by consumers at home and abroad. At the same time, Liu Qingqing, general manager of brand sales, Guo Caihong, manager of enterprise marketing department, Zhang Fan, president of Chamber of Commerce, Zheng Yanbing, Chamber of Commerce, and Zhang Mingkai, dealer of Elizabeth Zhengzhou, also spoke on the stage to explain the Elizabethan brand culture and products from multiple dimensions. Let the delegation have a deeper and more systematic understanding of the brand.














The inspection strengthened the cooperation between Elizabeth and Zhengzhou Home Decoration Design Association. Mutual benefit and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, resource sharing and linkage development will also give Elizabeth a new height!